Saturday, May 30, 2009

Daelyn's name.

I just realized I never posted about why we chose Daelyn's name, and I thought some of you might be interested. So here's the story to those of you who care to know.

The origin of Daelyn, is Dale, which is Dereks middle name, and his Dad's first name. We thought it would be special for her to be named in honor of her Daddy, especially since they share a birthday. We were still a little unsure about it though the first day or two, because it didn't really sound good with any of the middle names we were considering.

The morning after Daelyn's birth, I woke up in the hospital room, and the name Brielle popped into my head. Brielle was one of the names that I had on my list of names I really liked, but we felt it might be too similar to Brinley, and hadn't considered it as a middle name, and kind of forgot about it. When it popped into my head that morning my mind immediately tried it as a middle name with Daelyn, and I thought it sounded really pretty. We were still a little unsure, because we've always chosen middle names with a family significance. We eventually decided (after we were home from the hospital a whole day.) that since her first name had the "family significance" factor, we could choose the middle name that we just thought sounded really pretty. and wha La! Daelyn Brielle Larsen!

I also posted a ton of pictures today so scroll down if you haven't seen them yet.

2 Week update!

Okay, here's a 2 week update, and I hope you're all in the mood to look at TONS of pictures cause I have a TON of cute ones! Don't mean to sound too prideful, but I think my kids are SOOOOO CUTE (especially little baby Daelyn)!!!! Seriously, this post probably has as many pictures as all my posts from the last year combined!

I can't believe how fast these two weeks have gone. Here's what we've been up to. . .
The weekend we came home from the hospital, my parents came into town to visit, my dad stayed for a couple days, and my mom was able to stay for two weeks.(She left just this morning.) We were totally spoiled by the ward and friends who brought us dinners for 5 nights. It was great to feel so loved. My Dad brought with him his camera, which is much nicer than ours, so we were able to get some pretty good pictures. The saturday after I got home from the hospital, Holley had her first dance recital. Derek went with her to the dress rehearsal and watched the recital then, so that he could stay home with Daelyn that evening while Grandma, Grandpa, Brinley and I went to the actual performance! I was really impressed with how well Holley remembered all her steps and moves! She did so well!
On monday, Derek had to go back to work, Holley back to school(final week), and Grandpa, back to Utah. Holley enjoyed having grandma here to walk her to and from the bus every day, and on friday she had her last day of school! I guess that makes her an official 1st grader now! She brought home a good report card, on which her teacher commented . . . "Holley is an outstanding reader. She will make a great first grader." We are so proud of how hard she worked, and how much she learned this year, we too are impressed with what a good reader she's become, she reads a verse or two all by herself every night at family scripture study, and has even been diligently having personal scripture study time. Just recently she borrowed an old set of Derek's scriptures cause she was interested in reading the Doctrine and Covenants, and her scriptures only have the Book of Mormon. We are so proud that she is making this kind of personal decisions at only 6 years old.
Saturday, (May 23rd) Derek had an incredible opportunity. A girl who has been in his seminary class for the last few years decided to be baptized and asked him if he would do it. This was his first baptism since his mission, and he felt nervous but VERY honored. That night we went out for dinner to celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary. (Thanks mom for watching all 3 girls for a couple hours.)
On Monday, May 25th (our actual anniversary, and Memorial day) Derek, Holley, and Brinley left for California for a vacation with Derek's family, (which was planned before we even got pregnant.) We felt it unwise for the baby and I to go so soon after she was born, so my mom stayed here with us. On Tuesday and Wednesday they went to Lego land, and then spent the next couple days at the beach. I've missed them SO MUCH, but it was a good opportunity to spend a quiet week with just my mom, and my new little one. We spoiled ourselves and watched lots of movies and relaxed. She also helped me do some cleaning and some other things around the house. It was a good week.
Mom left this morning, and Derek and the girls will come home tomorrow. So Daelyn and I will have a couple quiet days to ourselves. (which is why I actually had time to make this post.) I'll enjoy this time but can't wait to see the rest of my family tomorrow!
Here's all the pictures (hope you enjoy). . .

Holley's recital.
Her hair wrapped in rags! I think she's so cute with rags in her hair, she didn't really appreciate us taking this picture, but we thought it was so cute we couldn't resist.

On Sunday, my dad took a ton of photos for us. We got a lot of cute ones! Here's a sampling of some of the pictures he took. . .

Here are a few other pics from last week. . .
Brinley came out with these little gloves and wanted them put on her feet. She then started to waddle around the house saying, "I'm a penguin, I'm a penguin!" I have NO clue where she came up with this, but it was SO CUTE!!!!!!

Holley and Sadie after Holley's dance pictures,(which explains her clothes, hair, and the make-up.)

Brinley playing in the rain! I probably wouldn't have let her, but grandma was here, and I'm glad, cause she sure had a BLAST, and look how cute these pictures are!

Daelyn napping on the couch.

Here are some pictures me and my mom took of Daelyn a week ago! I thought they turned out WAY CUTE! You can even see she was still holding on to her little cord stub, it fell off finally the next day.

Holley and Daelyn last Saturday morning, Holley's been such a sweet big sister and wants to hold Daelyn every chance she gets.

Cute pics from last sunday.

Daelyn and her beautiful grandma Mayhue!

Daelyn napping on her Boppy.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Daelyn Brielle

All right here's the post you've all been waiting for. Sorry it's taken me a while, I started it a couple days ago, but blogger isn't letting me upload pictures very well, so it's been a work in progress getting all those on here. (not to mention, I can only spend so much time away from the all-consuming task of sitting to stare at my beautiful new baby.)

Knowing that we'd be spending Derek's birthday in the hospital we decided to celebrate on tuesday night before we checked in to be induced. We did presents, and had cake and ice cream. It was also good to have some fun family time, before leaving our girls for a whole night and day.

Here's Derek with his cake, and it's 30 candles.

And the girls enjoying the yummy birthday cake.

Our friend Brandi came to stay with the girls. She got here in time to have cake and ice cream with us, and help get the girls ready for bed. After we got the girls all tucked in and sleeping, Derek and I gathered up all our stuff and headed for the hospital. Here's my final belly shot before we left. If you don't want to read the whole labor story, then here's the part where you can just skip through all the pictures.

Our Dr was so sweet to induce me late at night, so that we'd be sure to have her on the 13th. It was nice I thought to check in at night when all was pretty quiet. I've always just checked in got hooked right up to the pitocin, but this time, they tried this little pill that they insert up by the cervix. The nurse said that if I was close enough to going into labor on my own, that this little pill would get my contractions going, and push me into labor.
We were so happy when it started working well within just a couple minutes. And since I wasn't hooked up to the IV yet, I was able to walk around a bit, and get up if I wanted. I was even able to take a warm shower, which felt so nice, and helped with the contaction pain. We also were able to doze a little and get some sleep. (Derek a little more than I.) It was really a nice change from being in bed the whole time, hooked up to the IV and monitors.
The Dr came in and broke my water around 9 am or so. I progressed evenly but slowly,(more efacing than dilating since I was almost 4cm when I came in at 10pm) and made it to about 5 cm late morning(around 10 or 11?), and started thinking the epidural would be nice. The Anesthesiologist was AMAZING! When I told him how sick the last epidural made me, he even adjusted the medicines he used to hopefully help (which it did! I didn't throw up at all this time!) The Epidural was much better than the one I had last time.
The Epidural did slow down my contractions, and they ended up having to put me on the pitocin, but by that time, I was already stuck in bed, and on the IV, and it didn't take too much pitocin to get me going again.
They checked me a couple hours later, and I was extrememly frustrated to be at only a 6. Then my contractions started to get painful again, which made me even more frustrated cause I was still on the epidural, and my legs were completely numb, so I didn't understand why I was in so much pain.
They decided that the medicine had probably just settled too low, because I was sitting up more than I probably should have been. I layed back and hoped the medicine would rise to my abdomen again, and tried to settle in for a longer wait. Then the nurse came in and checked again, needless to say, we were relieved and surprised when she said that I was basically complete. (Like half an hour or so after they said I was only 6cm.)
They paged the Dr, and prepped the room, and had me do a couple practice pushes. Whenever I contracted or pushed, they would momentarily lose the babies heart rate, which told them there was a problem with the umbilical cord. This of course made Derek and I a little nervous and anxious. Once the Dr got there, I pushed through 2 contractions, and she was here. My fastest time as far as the actual delivery. (both others I pushed for almost half an hour.) Her cord was wrapped around her neck, but they untangled her, and she started to cry, and they laid her on my abdomen for Derek to cut her cord, and that's probably when I started to cry! She was so amazing, and she was here, and I was a bit pleased with myself for doing so well. I know thats not an incredible feat as far as labor stories go, but I'm gonna give myself credit for my own personal victories! I can't be as incredible as all of you other amazing women! (Like my friend Jocelyn who delivered her baby on Tuesday, and went from induction to 9lb 7 oz baby in exactly 45 minutes!!!!! You AMAZE me Joce!!!) I do feel that overall it was my best labor and delivery yet. Not being in the bed the whole time, not throwing up at all, not as much pushing, GREAT nurses, Great Anesthesiologist. (It was fun to have a couple nurses we personally know, and a couple more that have kids who Derek has taught in Seminary. Thats living in a small town for ya!)

She came at 2:14 in the afternoon, On May 13th 2009 (her Daddy's 30th birthday.) She weighed 7 lbs, 7oz and was 19 3/4 inches long. (My biggest baby so far, by 2 oz and 1/4 inch.) And Here she is . . . Daelyn Brielle Larsen
Here she is with my Dr.
Proud Papa (Happy Birthday!!!!!)
In our recovery room.
Daelyn & Holley. (we have video of her with Brin but haven't taken a snapshot yet, we'll have to get one.)
Home and in her own bed
I think they may have more in common than their birthday! What do you think?
With Daddy!
Our sweet little brand new Angel, Daelyn.