Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Fun Memory!

This was about a month ago, but I had to share the story cause I thought it was so cute. Derek was at class, (for his Masters he currently has a tuesday night class from 4:30-10:00 pm) On these nights we've developed a routine that's less structured than the rest of the week. After Holley gets ready for bed I let her watch a movie in my bed til she falls asleep, and I'll hang out in the family room and have me personal time veggin in front of the tv or working on a project I've been wanting to do. Anyway, this particular night Brinley was just playing on the floor I assumed she wasn't sleepy yet cause she wasn't fussy and was just playing quietly. I looked down and found that she had fallen asleep right there in the middle of playing! It was so cute I couldn't resist taking a picture, the flash woke her up and upon waking up she saw me there and smiled at me and went back to sleep! So of course I needed to take more pictures and the same thing happened about 2 more times. But then she decided that being awake was more fun and decided she wanted to be up and playing again! It was a fun and sweet moment!

Silly Sisters!

I can't even express how much I love watching these two girls love each other and interact with each other! No one can make Brinley smile and giggle like her sister. She gets a sweet sparkle in her eye when she looks at her big sis! And Holley sure is protective of Brinley, and wants to "take care of her" as much as she can! I thought these pictures show a little bit of the sweet relationship they share.

Look What Brinley's Doing Now!

Smiling and being happy!
Being Cute!
Being Silly!
Being Sweet!
Sleeping some more!
Rolling all over the place! (Brinley has really started wanting to "get around" she can roll almost anywhere she wants to go and has even started inching forward with her arms. She'll reach for something with one arm, then the other, then the first again, and pull herself along on her arms!)

Sleeping again!
Sitting up by herself!