Sunday, February 25, 2007

Holley & Brinley Su Feb 16th 2007

Here are some pictures I took of my girls! I wanted to try to get a cute "sister" picture of the two of them to hang in their room. I also want to take pictures of Brinley often because she is of course growing so fast(she's 5 months old tomorrow!), and wanted something more of a portrait for Holley, because it's been awhile since she's had one. Ergo, the whole thing turned into a Photo shoot of sorts! Holley loved it and was totally hamming it up for the camera so we got a ton of cute ones of her! Brinley was pretty tired though, so she gave us a couple and then was ready to nap! Hope you think they're as cute as we do!

One of My Favorite Things!

We've come to discover that as bedtime approaches and Brinley starts to get tired, and maybe a little fussy, we can take off her socks, and let her lay in her onesie, and her little toes keep her entertained for another 20 minutes or so! I love it! It's nice to let her entertain herself while we try to help Holley get ready for bed and tie up any loose ends from the day, but I usually find myself wanting to just sit and watch her, and love how happy and entertained she is by her very own marvelous and amazing feet.

Here are some January Pics!
Brinley trying to suck on the tray of her swing! They do say babies will put everything in their mouths! Silly Girl.
Sweet sisters! Holley LOVES her baby sister, and something about the way that Brinley looks at Holley tells me she loves her sister too! I LOVE these girls! Am I a lucky momma or what?
Bedhead Brinley! All Smiles!

Brinley is the sweetest baby ever, but not much of a cuddler! So we take it every chance we get! I love that she fell asleep like this.
Both Girls cuddling Daddy during scripture study!