Monday, March 02, 2009

Yes I'm still here!

Ok, first of all, here are some of my excuses... Brinley has become a computer addict! So, thanks to I only seem to have access to my compter during nap time. I also try only to blog when there is no laundry sitting in baskets, and no dishes sitting in the sink, (which is almost always around here.) We've also just been busy in general, church callings family stuff etc. Plus your other random "speedbumps" (Derek having the camera at the seminary whenever I actually find time to download pictures, overnight stay at the hospital for a bad stomach flu, being pregnant hormonal and cranky, and therefore not in the mood to blog. etc)

In fact, even today Derek took the camera to the seminary, we still haven't downloaded anything from Christmas, or pictures of my belly or anything like that, so maybe you'll get those another time, but for now I thought I could at least scan in, and show you this picture...

We had our big ultrasound on New Years Eve. The Ultrasound tech printed off a ton of pictures for us, but this one is my favorite! I love how the baby is all curled up with her feet right in front of her face! Yes I said her, if the info hasn't trickled to you through the grapevine yet, the ultrasound tech said we can expect another SWEET BABY GIRL! Although I was kindof hoping for a boy, we are thrilled about the idea of welcoming another sweet girl to our family. At least we know we make cute ones, and have plenty of pink clothes. We will need to get a few things however, considering this will be my first spring baby, and most our newborn clothes are warm and cozy winter stuff. (which I don't think will do in the AZ summer heat!)

The ultrasound and Dr's visits indicate the baby is growing well and doing fine. We were worried a few weeks ago when I started feeling really sick out of nowhere. The Dr's concern landed me in the hospital overnight for blood work and tests to see what was wrong. It turns out I just had a really bad stomach flu and was dehydrated, so luckily everything was fine with the baby.

We are currently CLUELESS on a name! we've compiled a small list of names we both like, but none of them have hit us yet as "just right." So we're taking suggestions and trying to expand our list, and hoping something feels right before the baby gets here!

Other than the lack of name and summer baby clothes I am SO READY for this baby to be here. I've never been one to enjoy pregnancy, and quickly become anxious to just be able to hold my sweet newborn baby. This "anxiousness" sadly seems to result in extreme irritability, crankiness, short temper, and a tendency to complain. So for all my many friends that I've not called in more time than I should let pass, count yourself lucky, as I'm sure my husband is quite envious of anyone who doesn't have to see me cry or hear me complain.

Well, maybe not my most exciting post, but at least its an update! let us know if you have any great name suggestions! In the meantime I'm just hoping that the rest of this pregnancy will pass quickly.