Friday, August 21, 2009

A Smile to Brighten your day.

Ok my day needed this one, so I thought I'd share! Sometimes it seems my babies are the most aware of when I need a smile or some love. This video is not from today, but I thought of it earlier when Daelyn really brightened my day with her usual smiley sweet disposition. She really is a happy baby! We went bowling the other night for FHE and a couple ladies were bowling next to us. I noticed that they were watching Daelyn who was contendedly sitting in her car seat, smiling and being happy. When they saw that I had noticed them they asked, "Is she always that good?" how grateful I was to say "yes!" I know that I'm a lucky mommy. I love that she is such a good sweet happy baby. Truly, there have been many occasions when her smile has really lifted my spirits.

(On this video she gives a real good smile right at the first of the clip, I tried to get more out of her, cause we usually do, but I guess she wasn't feeling it. This is from a couple weeks ago, and I just haven't gotten around to getting a better video. So the smile right at the first is what I wanted to share, but I didn't know how to not upload the whole clip. Anyhow enjoy the smile, and then you can ignore the rest if you want.)

Guess who cleans more at our house???

I've always appreciated having a husband who helps out so much around the house. Maybe it's because the clutter bothers me more than the spots, and for Derek the spots more than the clutter. So, I'm more likely to reorganize a closet, or pick up the floor, than to scrub a tub, or the stove. Derek on the other hand has accepted that scrubbing the tubs is his territory (and does so very happy and willingly I might add.)

So the other day it was brought to my attention, that Derek maybe does a greater bulk of the cleaning than I realized. While I was mopping the kitchen, Brinley came in, and upon discovering me weilding a mop, she quickly scolded me saying, "Hey! That's Daddy's!!!"

I know I know! Cute and funny girl, great husband, I'm a lucky one.