Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend!

Ward Easter Egg Hunt!

Dying Easter Eggs!

Easter Dresses!

Easter Bunny Cakes!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

My Three LoVes!

I Know, you're amazed, 3 posts in one day? But I had to give a seperate post to this sweet picture of my 3 loves! This was after church on sunday. Derek wanted to take a nap, and of course his girls couldn't resist some cuddle time with Daddy! I love the great Father he is, and the sweet relationship that both my sweet girls get to share with their wonderful Daddy! Soon there will be a third little girl wanting in on this Daddy time! I still can't hardly believe it! This picture truly reminds me of how blessed I am!

My Sweet Brinley Su!

I just wanted to post something about my sweet Brinley. I've sure been grateful for her at this point in my pregnancy, she's been my escape, and my comic relief! She's either the sweetest most loving little thing you've ever seen, or a spunky little fireball, rarely anything in between.
The other day at dinner, Holley was having a fit about her food, she wanted the wrap that Brinley got, instead of the one she had, even though they were probably identical. We were trying to explain they were the same, and to convince her to just be happy and eat hers, and little Brinley just turned and held out her wrap and said ever so sweetly "here Holley!"
She's now consistently going in the big girl potty, Which in itself, makes me happy! (I don't want 2 in diapers afterall. She did revert for about a week or so, but is now doing really good again and is so proud of herself. She often exclaims to me one of the new phrases she learned in her training process! "I SO PROUD OF YOU." Silly how it can make my day, to have my 2 year old say she's proud of me when I make dinner, or do laundry, or even if it's cause I used the big potty too! She'll also make my day when she shares a cuddle, or says she loves me, or even just her little over the top way she says "Hi mom!" out of nowhere.
She simply seems to know when I need a smile or a laugh, and is ready to give it to me. Like the day we were driving home from taking Holley to dance class, and I purposely drove on the rumble strip, to see her reaction. I asked her "what's that noise?" and she responded with a giggle, "The car is lauging!"
I sure love the special Mommy-Brinley time we get to share while Holley is at school. It will be fun to see her as a big sister, and I hope it is something she will adjust well too. She talks excitedly about when her baby sister will come, and likes to put her hand on my belly and say, "give me five baby!"

I love you my sweet Brinley!

Here are some pictures from when she was sick a couple months ago. she wanted me to make her pancakes, which I of course did, since I felt bad she wasn't feeling well. She came in the kitchen to be with me and fell asleep on the kitchen floor, I went and got her pillow for her so she'd be more comfy. When she sat up and said she was hungry and wanted to eat, I handed her a pancake to try without syrup to see how her tummy handled it, and then she fell asleep again.

I then moved her to the couch so she'd be more comfy.

When she woke again and said she was hungry, I set up her little table and chair so she could watch tv while she ate her pancakes, and this is what I found a minute or two later.

The poor little thing just couldn't keep herself awake! So I brought her blanky over and tucked her in! I thought it was so cute!

Even just now, she saw these pictures and remembered the day, and pointed and said "Brinley Tummy hurt." I guess she thought it'd be fun to remenisce cause she just brought out her blanky and pillow so she could lay on the floor like she did that day.
Oh, how I love being her mommy!

My 4 month consolidated catch-up!

Ok, so for those of you who have missed seeing any pictures from the last 4 months, I finally got around to downloading the pictures, so here are a few highlights in no particular order.

Diaper Cake I made for a friends shower! I was tempted to keep it for myself as a little decoration for the baby's room! Maybe I'll have to make another!


So when I downloaded all the pictures I realized this is the ONLY belly shot we've gotten of this pregnancy, and it was back in January, so I guess we'd better try and get a couple more pictures now that we are down to the last 6 weeks! (finally starting to seem like the end is in sight.)

The Weekend starting our spring break my mom came down for a visit, so we got a hotel in Mesa for a couple days so we could shop, and swim, and get in a temple session, (thanks to grandma watching the girls in the hotel.) It's amazing how fun "staying in a hotel" is for the kids, Holley thought it was the GREATEST Vacation ever! I have to admit, that albeit quit simple, it was a great weekend, and mini-getaway. Here's a couple pictures of Derek swimming with the girls. (Mom and I opted to go shopping instead.) Thanks again mom for coming down!!

Holley also lost another tooth while grandma was here! We weren't sure if the tooth fairy would find us at the hotel or not, but she sure did.

So when I found out that one of my best friends from high school got engaged, I was of course SO excited for her, but also a little sad, knowing it wouldn't work out to make it to Utah for the wedding or the reception. The announcement actually came on my birthday and I was SO THRILLED to find out she was marrying an Arizona boy, and they'd be having an open house down in MESA!!!! So this is a picture of that! It was SO GOOD to see you Sherri, and to meet Ryan, he seems so great! Isn't she a beautiful bride?

My Birthday! Derek and the girls made and decorated my cake, can you tell? They spoiled me! I did no dishes and changed no diapers all day! What else could a mom want?

And here are a couple pictures from Christmas morning. Like usual we didn't take many snapshots, mostly video, but we of course have our traditional family in Christmas pjs pic!

And that's the last 4 months! (See, you really weren't missing much by my absense of postings.)