Tuesday, July 18, 2006

We couldn't resist this one!

Holley fell asleep while cuddling her mommy and her sister. (notice her hand is on my belly.) She was sitting with me and feeling the baby move and then fell asleep! I love these moments!!!! Holley is still really excited for the baby to come! We can't believe that it actually won't be too much longer now! We feel so blessed. Holley still tells everyone that the baby's middle name is going to be Sparkly. We may just have to let her think it is for a couple of years, cause she REALLY likes that name! She also has an invisible friend by the same name! Our summer seems to have gone by relatively quickly. (Considering how long I thought it would seem) We're headed to Utah for 2 weeks, and then Derek starts teaching again on August 14th. It's been a nice Summer but I can't wait for September and Baby to be here!

Our new babies!

We've had two little baby cottontails living right outside our front door. They've been a lot of fun to watch and they are so cute to look at! They aren't any longer than about 3 inches each! That pipe coming out of the wall in the picture is about 2 inches across to give you a better idea of how small they are! We've even found them actually on our front porch trying to find some shade. We feel lucky that their parents picked our front yard as a home.

Derek's new fishing Buddy!

Derek's already training Holley up to be his fishing buddy! We took a camping trip to Alpine, and Derek took Holley out fishing with him, so Tara could enjoy quiet time at camp with a magazine. As he moved down stream he'd pick her up and find her another rock to sit on and spash her feet in. She also stayed entertained by using his net to catch any leaves that came floating by. She thought it was great fun.