Monday, March 27, 2006


No, it's not just a cheap t-shirt we bought at the DI. (Derek's dad thought, "why would you put that on a kid with no siblings?") It's Holley's big announcement! It's actually true! Holley is going to be a big sister!!!!! After a couple years of trying, we are expecting our second child! YIPPEE! It was actually quite a surprise. We actually found out we were expecting while Tara was on Birth Control. It was prescribed to help fix a problem the Dr. thought might be preventing a pregnancy. We planned to be on the prescription for a couple of months, and then try a fertility procedure. Needless to say, we were a little floored to find out we were pregnant! We were still worried about miscarriage, expecially with the 3 previous miscarriages, and the fact I was on the pill, but we are now just over 14 weeks along, and the Dr. is confident that the Baby is healthy and doing well. The baby is due around Sept 24th! We announced it to our families by having Holley in this shirt when we saw them in march while we were up for the wedding! It was great! Holley was so excited to show of that shirt, cause we told her all about it and she knew what it meant. It was so fun to see how all our family members reacted.

Holley says she wants to have a sister and name her Rheesie. (After her cousin Rhees!) She knows that the baby is in mommy's tummy, and says, "I don't want it in there, I want it to come out!" We are anxious to see how she will adjust after having us to herself for almost 4 years, but she's really excited about the whole thing! Tara thinks it'll be a boy, because she's been a lot less sick than she was with Holley, and Derek hasn't expressed an opinion yet. We are excited to know for sure cause Tara's already anxious to start setting stuff up!

We are SO Excited and Especially GRATEFUL! We know we had a lot of family and friends praying for this to happen, and we thank you all for your prayers,faith, and love. We feel so very blessed with all the Lord has given us. We continue to pray that all will be well through the rest of the pregnancy, but overall we really feel strongly that it is now "Gods time" for us to add to this family. In summary, we're THRILLED!

Another owie post!

Last week we were at the park for family night, and holley got hit in the face with a heavy wooden swing! (She tried to get off herself, and fell, and turned just in time to see it swing back at her!) The cute thing is that because of where the bruise is, when her eye is opened it just looks like she's wearing purple and yellow eyeshadow on one eye!

Pictures from Dax and Stephanie's Reception!

The Bride and Groom
Cutting the cake
Uh oh, looks like Jared found my camera just laying around!

Here are some more pics from Dax and Stephanie's Wedding!

Holley and Rheesie!
The girls with the bride and groom!
The girls with Great-Grandma Pak!


Holley with the snowmen Daddy helped build in grandma and grandpa Larsen's backyard. (Notice there is a big one and a baby one!) She sure loved playing in the snow, she keeps asking when it'll snow at our house.