Monday, September 17, 2007

My Summer Catch-up Post!

Well, here I am, finally getting around to posting a collage of our summer! (In no particular order.) Hope you enjoy!

Holley's new dress.

Brinley "cruisin." She's on her feet all the time now, and even walking on her own a bit! I can't believe how big she's getting! (A year old next week!)
Cute pics of Brin!

Holley helping Daddy clean the garage!

When you don't have a lawn, and it's a hot summer day in Arizona, you improvise!
Sweet sleepy girl!

Lazy days!

Brinley loves climbing up on the couch by herself and sitting there like a "big person" she'll grab the remote controls, and usually put them up to her head, and then jabber as if she's talking on the phone! It's super cute!

Cool Daddys! Cookin dutch oven cobbler for a family night with friends!!

Brinley being "cool" in Holley's hat! Brin loves immitating behaviors that she observes. Putting on hats, finding a brush, and brushing her hair, talking on play phones (or remote controls) she even successfully got one of my shirts on once! (tried to run for the camera but she'd taken it off again by the time I got back.)
Brinley in the dishwasher! We have a new olympic event in our home called "speed dishes" cause Brinley always wants to get into the dishwasher when it's open.
Holley's hair wrapped in rags!
Holley playing "make-up" with Brinley.
A rare cuddle!
This summer we discovered "water popsicles." We started making them for Brinley to chew on while teething but then Holley started asking for them! We figured healthier and less messy than the alternative.
Man, this guy can sleep through almost anything.

Holley's 1st Day of Preschool!

Holley's been in preschool for a few weeks now, and she LOVES it! She's made new friends, and loves to come home and tell me what she learned and did! They are working on letters, and memorizing poems, Holley already has 2 poems memorized and we love hearing her recite them!
Holley and her Teacher, Mrs. Norton
Holley with her folder (The teacher asked the parents to send a folder with a photo collage on the back, and she put a class picture and a picture of the student on the front!)
Ready to go!

Summer Camping Trips!



Riggs Lake!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Wow, It's been forever, thought I'd better post something! Summer was great, but crazy! It flies by too fast! We enjoyed a great trip up to Utah, and a couple camping trips. Now Derek has started back at Seminary, and NAU, and Holley has started preschool! Her teacher's name is Mrs. Norton, and she LOVES it! She's learning so much already, and it's so fun to see her so excited about it and learning so much! She recently memorized a cute little poem, and it's so fun to hear her recite it. Brinley is growing like a weed! I still can't believe she will be a year old this month! Yesterday she took 3 steps on her own before falling! She'll be running before we know it! She's still just such a fun and happy girl, and has added so much to our family. I'm keeping busy with my calling as enrichment leader, and trying to keep up with both my girls, my husband, and my house! Derek and I are also currently teaching the temple prep course to a cute couple in our ward who are preparing to go to the temple later this month! It's been such a special opportunity! I'm posting this cute family picture we got while we were in Utah, and I'll try to post some more later, but the house is a MESS! So until then!