Friday, December 15, 2006

Santa Claus!

The Girls sitting on Santa's lap at the Ward Christmas Party.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

"One Horse Soap'n Sleigh!"

Today Holley asked me if there is soap on the bottom of Santa's Sleigh. I really didn't understand why she was asking that, so I asked her "What do you mean?" and she said "Why does the song say 'One horse Soap'n Sleigh?" I thought it was so sweet! I love being a mom and seeing the world through the eyes of a four year old. The other night she helped me turn on the outside Christmas lights, and sat at the front window for a while looking at them. She then came to me and excitedly told me "Mom, I can feel Christmas in my heart." I was thrilled that at her age, she feels Christmas the same way I do, it's that warm happy feeling that we get inside, and I loved that her telling me how she felt allowed me to pause for a moment and share that feeling and excitement with her.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Our New Van!

Well, I'm now officially a mini van mom! I've wanted to have a mini van for quite a while, but we didn't think we'd need to get one until we had a third child, but we recently learned that our old Buick, just wasn't going to make it that long. We started shopping around and researching all our options and both really liked the Kia Sedona! So on Saturday we bought it! Holley loves having a "big car", Derek loves how it drives, (and the keyless entry!), and I love how it looks, and that we have something more dependable than all the cars we've owned in the past! Here's some pictures!

Happy Birthday Holley!

Holley Turned 4 years old this weekend! (Dec 2nd) She was so excited about her Barbie cake that mommy made. She didn't like having to wait so long to eat it and get the Barbie out though! I can't believe that she's already 4. I look at Brinley, and think it was just Yesterday that Holley was that age, and now she's a big 4 years old. They all just grow too fast! We are so Happy that Holley is in our family and that she's growing up to be such a sweet girl! Happy Birthday Holley!

Wonderful Aunt Steph!

Dax and Stephanie were able to come visit friday night and Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend since they had spent Thanksgiving with Stephs uncle in Chandler. Holley and Rhees were both so excited that Steph was coming, but Holley thought she was coming with Santa Clause, and Rhees thought she was coming with uncle Derek! (Sorry Dax!) Those girls wouldn't let Steph have a second to herself, but it's her own fault for being so much fun to be around! And yes, the girls were glad to see Dax too. (we love you too Dax!)

Daddy's girls!

Brinley at about a month and a half old! Daddy and his sweet girls!

Holley Hangin with Grandpa!

Holley was so glad to have Grandma and Grandpa stay in her room with her while they were here for Brinley's Baby blessing. Here's a picture of her chillin with Grandpa!

Brinley's Blessing Day!

Sorry these pics are more than a month old, but I was waiting for whatever was causeing the pictures to not show up to be fixed. Anyway, Brinley Su was given a name and a blessing on Sunday, November 5th 2006! We were so grateful that both sets of grandparents were able to be here for this special day! She's such a great blessing to our family and we are SO GLAD that she's here!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Here are some pictures from Brinley's first Halloween, and Holley's 4th! This year was the first year Holley really knew ahead of time what Halloween was all about, and we sort of missed the amazement on her face from the last couple of years when, in her eyes, these people just handed her candy for no reason at all. Holley has known that she wanted to be a "kitty" for Halloween for quite a few months now, but as it got closer, she started to insist that we should all be Kitties. So Brinley and I joined in as "mommy kitty", and "baby kitty". (Derek wasn't too excited about dressing as a kitty, but had to go to class for part of the night anyway, so he got out of it!) Both the girls got quite a bit of attention. Especially little Brinley, she sure was a cute baby kitten!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

All Dressed up!

Today was Brinley's first time to church, because it was Holley's first Primary program and we couldn't miss that. Holley did great. She sang all the songs, and said her line loud and clear in front of everyone, from memory. It was "He created the land." We were so proud. It was a big day for both of our girls! The two cutest girls in the world, see for yourself!

Pictures from Brinley's 3rd & 4th weeks

Brinley's 3rd & 4th weeks

Here are some more pictures!