Thursday, August 14, 2008

Momma's baby is growing up

I say to Holley, with much more frequency now days, "Who told you you could grow up?" I've never given my permission, but my baby just keeps growing up! Yesterday was Holley's first day of Kindergarten. I took her to school, and helped her find her classroom. It was hard to walk away but I did it, and didn't even cry. When we got in the car Brinley cried out "Holley! Holley!" Almost as if saying "hey mom, forget something?" but I did ok! Maybe it was in God's wisdom that I had much to distract me this day. Today I'm letting her take the bus for her first time. Brinley and I walked her to the bus stop and watched her get inside, and then she was gone. It happened faster than I imagined, I hadn't finished saying goodbye, yesterday I was able to walk away when I was ready, but today the bus just drove off with her, and as I turned to come home I cried. Last Saturday she lost her first tooth. She was so thrilled, but I just can't help realizing how fast she's growing and how soon her childhood will be through, I think of all the things I planned to do as a "stay-at-home mom of a preschooler". And then I just ran out of time. Maybe with Brinley, I'll be better to not take the little time I have for granted.
Here's Holley with her cute little missing tooth hole!
All ready for her first day! (Did I mention I almost kept her home from her first day of kindergarten, cause she woke up with her eye swollen nearly shut. she had an allergic reaction to a mosquito bite on her eyelid! Poor thing!)
In her class at her seat. Sitting by Paityn and Timbo! (two friends from her primary class.)
picking her up from her first day! She's so tall for her age, this is her with the rest of her class.
Walking to the bus stop.