Friday, August 21, 2009

A Smile to Brighten your day.

Ok my day needed this one, so I thought I'd share! Sometimes it seems my babies are the most aware of when I need a smile or some love. This video is not from today, but I thought of it earlier when Daelyn really brightened my day with her usual smiley sweet disposition. She really is a happy baby! We went bowling the other night for FHE and a couple ladies were bowling next to us. I noticed that they were watching Daelyn who was contendedly sitting in her car seat, smiling and being happy. When they saw that I had noticed them they asked, "Is she always that good?" how grateful I was to say "yes!" I know that I'm a lucky mommy. I love that she is such a good sweet happy baby. Truly, there have been many occasions when her smile has really lifted my spirits.

(On this video she gives a real good smile right at the first of the clip, I tried to get more out of her, cause we usually do, but I guess she wasn't feeling it. This is from a couple weeks ago, and I just haven't gotten around to getting a better video. So the smile right at the first is what I wanted to share, but I didn't know how to not upload the whole clip. Anyhow enjoy the smile, and then you can ignore the rest if you want.)

Guess who cleans more at our house???

I've always appreciated having a husband who helps out so much around the house. Maybe it's because the clutter bothers me more than the spots, and for Derek the spots more than the clutter. So, I'm more likely to reorganize a closet, or pick up the floor, than to scrub a tub, or the stove. Derek on the other hand has accepted that scrubbing the tubs is his territory (and does so very happy and willingly I might add.)

So the other day it was brought to my attention, that Derek maybe does a greater bulk of the cleaning than I realized. While I was mopping the kitchen, Brinley came in, and upon discovering me weilding a mop, she quickly scolded me saying, "Hey! That's Daddy's!!!"

I know I know! Cute and funny girl, great husband, I'm a lucky one.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Our Little Comedian.

Brinley is our little comedian. I swear probably at least 50% of the laughing that goes on around here is prompted by this 2 year old. She is ALWAYS catching us off guard with the silly things she says or does, or the funny expressions and voices she comes up with. Most of the time she isn't even trying to be funny!

Example, Here are some pictures of what she did a while ago when we asked her to go get her pjs . . . .

She climbed up onto the shelf, and into the cubby, so that she could retrieve the pjs with her mouth!

So that being said, this is an actual conversation I had with her the other day. You have to know the names of some of our family members and where they live, but I couldn't belive how she kept pulling out the perfect names, Maybe all the names and cities were floating around in her head confusing her, and that's where it all came from.

Brin- "Mom, where's uncle Danny?" (said in a tone like, he should be here, why isn't he?)
me- "He's in New York."
Brin- (sounding very confused) "Who's New York?"
me-(chuckling) "New York is the City Where Uncle Danny lives."
Brin-(obviously still thinking) "oh"
Brin- "Where's Logan?" (my nephew, her cousin)
Me- "Logan lives in Layton"
Brin- "Layton? ... Where's Payton?" (another nephew, and cousin)
Me- "Payton lives in Layton too."
Brin- (looking a little confused still, and trying to figure out why Layton sounds like Payton) "Oh"
Brin- (looking at my inquisically again) "where's uncle Dax?"
me- (laughing now) "he's in Logan" (uncle Dax lives in Logan Ut)
brin- (Obviously Very frustrated) "NO.....UNCLE DAX???"

I was laughing so hard and she had this look on her face like she thought I was putting her on. It's even funnier if you could have heard the little tone in her voice.
Ah Brin, thanks for making me laugh. We love you so much.

(she's sitting by a big foam F in this picture because we were making a "happy fathers Day" Banner for Dad.)

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Holy Picture Overload!!!!!

Ok ok brace yourselves! 10 posts and tonz of pictures in one day, but I had to catch up all of June, and A LOT happened in June. So here's what you see as you scroll down. In reverse order cause the first will be last on here chronologically. I first posted pictures from the Larsen San Diego trip, and then theres the baby blessing, and extended family stuff, some photo sessions, and our trip to Yellowstone with the Mayhue side of the family. So once you get down through the San Diego pictures and the video clip of Brin at Lego land you'll know you are back up to speed with the comings and goings of the Larsen family. Sorry to overload you all at once, but there was so much great stuff, I couldn't leave any out!

These two Cousins!!!!

I always LOVE it when these two cousins get together. It seems like whenever I see them together, I remember them playing together as 2 year olds, and then in my minds eye I can picture them hanging out together as teenagers. Holley and Parker are the best of friends, and every year we worry that when they get together, it won't be the same as before, due to the time apart, and the fact that Holley's a girl, and Parker's a boy. Yet we are always amazed at how fast they are off together having the best time. I truly hope their relationship never changes.


Yellowstone was AMAZING! Everytime I've been there, thats the one word that is constantly in my mind! I love seeing all the animals, and beautiful scenery, the lake,and the waterfalls, but my favorite is all the hydrothermal stuff! It truly never fails to AMAZE me!

Drive to Yellowstone!

Here are some pics from our drive up to yellowstone.

Idaho Falls, (Idaho Falls temple in background!)

Rexburg Temple. (Derek loved being able to drive around campus and remember all his good old memories, and was THRILLED to realize the temple is just across the street from his old apartments!)

all three girls asleep in the back seat, in one shot!!

Mesa Falls.

Mayhue Family Pictures!

We were able to get some Mayhue Family Pictures sunday evening after the baby blessing, it was a stormy day, and we didn't think it was going to happen, but it cleared up just in time to get a few.

Daelyn's Baby Blessing

Here are some pictures from Daelyns Baby blessing. Derek gave her such a Beautiful blessing, and I found her a Gorgeous blessing dress. It was such a wonderful Day, and it was so great to be able to have so much family there.

playing settlers with the Crossmans! Thanks So much for making the trip up, it was SO GOOD to see you guys.

Larsen Family.

Great Grandma and Grandpa Larsen

Grandpa Larsen