Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I figured it's probably about time I should post something again. It's been a while due in part to first Trimester morning sickness, and Derek loaning out our camera back in October, and still not having it back, thus no pictures. Anyway, I added the baby countdown ticker a while ago but haven't officially posted an announcement, Sorry! So here's the info... we are expecting, and I'm currently a little over 15 weeks along. The due date is May 17th (Grandma Larsen's Birthday!) It will be interesting to see what day it actually comes, that due date is less than two weeks from Derek's Birthday, Mother's Day, Our Anniversary, and of course UnHui's birthday, so we'll have to see what happens. Most of all we are THRILLED to be past the first trimester, and the heavy fear of another miscarriage. (The Dr had me in every 2 weeks through the first 12 weeks just to keep checking for a heart beat, I think he was as thrilled as we were to get to that 12 week mark.) Anyway, I'll be 20 weeks around Christmas time, so finding out what we are having would be a fun Christmas gift I think. So check back around then to see if we have another announcement to blog.

I started feeling pretty sick just after Brinley's Birthday, back in Septemeber, so while this is late here are some 2nd Birthday pictures. She had a great time, and loved being able to have Grandma Mayhue here to help spoil her and celebrate with her.

Oh Yes, and how could I forget, In the midst of all the morning sickness, we decided to get a dog! I know I know we are crazy, but she is a real sweetie, and the girls love her. We got her from one of Derek's students. She's an Australian Shepherd, and we named her Sadie, so here are some pictures of Sadie.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Cleaning up the play room!

Brinley decided to try and climb in the cubby! Then Holley wanted to try too!

Labor Day weekend camping trip!

We went for a drive, when it started raining, so we waited it out in the car for a while!


One of my favorite things, is when my girls cuddle up together to watch tv or a movie! I love it when they show their sweet love for each other!

Holley walking home after school!

I should have posted this closer to my first ride on the bus post, cause it was the same day, but it's a picture of her walking home after she got off the bus! I think it's a cute picture!

Guess who found Mommy's lip gloss???

Cute and Happy Brin!

Just had to post these especially cute pictures I took of Brin. These are actually 2 different days but the same dress! Maybe the dress just makes her especially cute!

Creatures on our door step!

This summer we found this baby bunny on our back door step it was so cute and so teeny! (It is next to a regular brick size paver in this photo to give you an idea of how teeny it really was.) Brin would point to it and say "aaaa coot!" It had an injured eye and we think it had been abandoned by it's mother.

Then a few days later we found a couple frogs on the back porch . . . . .

anyway it all made me start thinking of all the different creatures we have had LITERALLY on our doorstep, since we've been in this home! Where we live so close to the open dessert, there really have been quite a few. Here's a little list.

4 baby bunnies. + 1 in the garage (a couple weeks ago)
1 Tarantula
2 king snakes
4 LARGE Wolf Spiders (2 made it into the house when someone opened the door! egh!)
5 frogs
& COUNTLESS Lizards! (In the Garage ALL the time too!! One almost got in the house.)
We also have seen prints in the mud right out our back door, that we are pretty sure were javelina!

Anyway, I thought it was quite interesting to think back on, and who knows what may have been there that we just didn't see!

Summer Pics!

Here are some summer pics I never posted. I didn't really get very many good pictures, but thought some of you might be interested anyway.

Camping in Alpine
Brin napping in the tent.

Derek & Holley

Riding the 4-wheeler at the cabin
Brin was in heaven! Look at her just LOVIN it!

Dinosaur Park

Look at Holley's face! she did not like turning her back on the T-Rex!

4th of July Parade!

Brinley "tucking in" Skoshi with her own Blankie! Brinley was terrified of Skoshi when we first got to Utah, and was lovin her and giving her NO PEACE by the time we left! It was cute! I think my Dad got some cuter pictures of the 2 of them!

ROAD TRIP!!!! So nice when this happens!

playing in the water back in June! This is with the babysitter, when Derek and I were away at the husband and wife convention! (I still want to post a picture of us on the high ropes course if I can get my hands on one! We left our camera home but some friends got a couple pictures!)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Momma's baby is growing up

I say to Holley, with much more frequency now days, "Who told you you could grow up?" I've never given my permission, but my baby just keeps growing up! Yesterday was Holley's first day of Kindergarten. I took her to school, and helped her find her classroom. It was hard to walk away but I did it, and didn't even cry. When we got in the car Brinley cried out "Holley! Holley!" Almost as if saying "hey mom, forget something?" but I did ok! Maybe it was in God's wisdom that I had much to distract me this day. Today I'm letting her take the bus for her first time. Brinley and I walked her to the bus stop and watched her get inside, and then she was gone. It happened faster than I imagined, I hadn't finished saying goodbye, yesterday I was able to walk away when I was ready, but today the bus just drove off with her, and as I turned to come home I cried. Last Saturday she lost her first tooth. She was so thrilled, but I just can't help realizing how fast she's growing and how soon her childhood will be through, I think of all the things I planned to do as a "stay-at-home mom of a preschooler". And then I just ran out of time. Maybe with Brinley, I'll be better to not take the little time I have for granted.
Here's Holley with her cute little missing tooth hole!
All ready for her first day! (Did I mention I almost kept her home from her first day of kindergarten, cause she woke up with her eye swollen nearly shut. she had an allergic reaction to a mosquito bite on her eyelid! Poor thing!)
In her class at her seat. Sitting by Paityn and Timbo! (two friends from her primary class.)
picking her up from her first day! She's so tall for her age, this is her with the rest of her class.
Walking to the bus stop.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The girls!

Just wanted to post these pictures I took of the girls before church sunday!