Monday, November 06, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Here are some pictures from Brinley's first Halloween, and Holley's 4th! This year was the first year Holley really knew ahead of time what Halloween was all about, and we sort of missed the amazement on her face from the last couple of years when, in her eyes, these people just handed her candy for no reason at all. Holley has known that she wanted to be a "kitty" for Halloween for quite a few months now, but as it got closer, she started to insist that we should all be Kitties. So Brinley and I joined in as "mommy kitty", and "baby kitty". (Derek wasn't too excited about dressing as a kitty, but had to go to class for part of the night anyway, so he got out of it!) Both the girls got quite a bit of attention. Especially little Brinley, she sure was a cute baby kitten!