Sunday, February 19, 2006

Here's a little update. . .

Hey all! I just thought I'd say a little about what's been happening in our life to keep you all updated! Things have been going great here. Derek has recently started a new calling in the ward as Elders Quorum President, (as if he wasn't busy enough!) His class that he is currently taking for his masters is on Tuesday's from 4-9 so we only see him when he comes home to change his clothes and grab a some food to eat in class. I think Holley thinks he doesn't actually live here, cause she has started saying stuff like, "I want Daddy to come to our house." When he is here though he's really good at catching us up on the attention we've been missing. I think he's anxious to find some time to take Holley fishing again, I think he's learned to stop asking mommy if she wants to go! :) We still never got the "winter" we were waiting for, but we are enjoying our arizona spring! We are excited to start saving on our gas bill before the rest of you! We've already started turning the heat off most days, and even opening windows to enjoy the nice "spring" air! By the time most of the rest of you start enjoying your spring we'll have our windows closed up to keep out the heat and start cranking our air conditioning!
We are looking forward to our trip to Utah in just a couple weeks for Dax and Stephanie's Wedding! YEAH!! We are so excited! Holley, has been begging to go back ever since we came back from Christmas, and still doesn't really understand that we can't just go whenever she wants! We are excited for Dax and Steph, and still just can't believe how amazingly perfect they are for each other! Holley can't wait to see her cousins Rheesie and Parker, and her Grandma's (whom she has now found own way of distinguishing between them, her "Skoshi Grandma" and her "Rheesie Grandma". We've even made her a countdown chain to help hold her over til Mar 4! And she keeps telling us "I want to go MARCH!" Soon enough Holley, soon enough.

Mommy and Holley at Mesa Temple!

When we first moved here it was really hard to figure out how to go to the temple, (it's about a 3 hour drive each way!) At one of our husband and wife CES Meetings in Mesa we were talking with another couple who live a couple blocks from the temple, and have a little girl exactly Holley's age, and they offered to watch her for us anytime. So now when we go to the temple we can take Holley along with us (thank goodness for the portable DVD player.) It's amazing how things work out when you are trying to do what the Lord wants. Here's a picture Daddy took at our stake temple day in January.

Man I wish I could fall asleep that easy!!