Monday, December 06, 2010

A new Favorite day.

I have a new day to add to my list of FAVORITE DAYS EVER. This past saturday ranks up there with my wedding day, and the births of my three babies. On Thursday Holley turned 8, Friday was her birthday party with her friends, and Saturday was her Baptism. The day was very special and very full of the spirit. I'm so proud of her decision to be baptized, and of the amazing girl she is becoming. Holley, I love you SO MUCH. I've always known that when this day came it would be a special one, but I never would have guessed that it would have been as amazingly wonderful as it was, and how much it would fill me with the spirit, and with Joy.

After the baptism we had a family lunch at our house, and then gave Holley a few "baptism" gifts, and Derek did a little presentation where he read the poem "Three white Dresses" And showed on a powerpoint, (hooked up to our projector, so everyone could see well.) Pictures of Holley in her blessing dress and then in her baptism dress. (as he read the poem, so they fit in at the right times.) He then showed pictures of me in my "three white dresses" and talked to her about following in her mother's footsteps, and preparing to go to the temple. He had everyone crying. Especially me, and even himself.

When he showed my baptism picture we were all amazed how much it looked like Holley. It surprised me especially I think because I always considered myself such an awkward child, and my Holley such a pretty one. Here are the pictures.

Holley in her blessing dress.