Sunday, October 14, 2007

The County Fair!

We went to the County Fair this weekend, and I thought I'd post some pictures of that too!

(Holley LOVED the rides!!!)

Cute Brin!!!

Brinley is so Fun and is always finding new ways to make us laugh or smile!
We are so lucky that she's part of our family!
Brinley discovered how to make the glider rock all by herself,
and she was VERY pleased about it!

The best seat in the house! Brinley likes to climb up on the couch and sit on top of Holley! Sometimes it frustrates Holley, but I think it's funny and cute!!
This little girl LOVES her big sis, and following her around and doing what she does! Here are the two of them sitting on the couch reading books together!

Guess whos 1?

Here are some pictures from Brinley's 1st birthday! I can't believe how fast this year has gone! My baby's a toddler now, and is walking all over the place! She's still a cutie though!

Holley was extra sweet to her since it was her birthday, here's a picture of them playing in Holley's bed tent in the morning.
Then Holley threw her a little "tea Party" with water and Cheerios!
Here are her cakes! The little 1 is the one we let her eat/demolish all by herself, and we let Holley decorate that one all by HERself! She thought that was cool!
Brinley in the Korean Dress and her big sis!! With her fishing pole from grandma and grandpa Mayhue! She wanted to maintain the tradition Holley started of being sick on her first birthday. Luckily Brinley just had a bit of a cold, Holley had a horrible flu on her first birthday! it was very sad!
the birthday booty!

New York!!!!

Derek and I were able to make a quick weekend trip out to New York City, to visit Derek's brother Danny and see his musical performed at the New York Musical festival! It was a fast trip but so worth it to see Danny, and "The Yellow Wood". Danny is very talented and we hope to see the Yellow Wood really take off. here's the festivals page on the Yellow Wood where you can find out more about it, and even listen to some of the songs, I know some of my family was interested in learning and hearing more after they heard the one that was on You Tube! (The recordings are Danny's recordings, and not the casts, so you can hear Danny's great voice too!) Here are some pictures from the trip!

Times Square!
The Manhattan Temple.
Waiting for the show!
Me with Casserole (Danny's dog, who shares his name with one of the Characters in The Yellow Wood) at Danny's studio apartment!!
Park near Danny's apartment! (His Neighborhood is Really Gorgeous!)
Danny and Derek waiting for the subway, and then one of the homes in Danny's beautiful Manhattan Neighborhood!
Michelle (Danny's Collaborator), BD Wong (Director/producer), and Danny.

Monday, September 17, 2007

My Summer Catch-up Post!

Well, here I am, finally getting around to posting a collage of our summer! (In no particular order.) Hope you enjoy!

Holley's new dress.

Brinley "cruisin." She's on her feet all the time now, and even walking on her own a bit! I can't believe how big she's getting! (A year old next week!)
Cute pics of Brin!

Holley helping Daddy clean the garage!

When you don't have a lawn, and it's a hot summer day in Arizona, you improvise!
Sweet sleepy girl!

Lazy days!

Brinley loves climbing up on the couch by herself and sitting there like a "big person" she'll grab the remote controls, and usually put them up to her head, and then jabber as if she's talking on the phone! It's super cute!

Cool Daddys! Cookin dutch oven cobbler for a family night with friends!!

Brinley being "cool" in Holley's hat! Brin loves immitating behaviors that she observes. Putting on hats, finding a brush, and brushing her hair, talking on play phones (or remote controls) she even successfully got one of my shirts on once! (tried to run for the camera but she'd taken it off again by the time I got back.)
Brinley in the dishwasher! We have a new olympic event in our home called "speed dishes" cause Brinley always wants to get into the dishwasher when it's open.
Holley's hair wrapped in rags!
Holley playing "make-up" with Brinley.
A rare cuddle!
This summer we discovered "water popsicles." We started making them for Brinley to chew on while teething but then Holley started asking for them! We figured healthier and less messy than the alternative.
Man, this guy can sleep through almost anything.