Sunday, November 27, 2005

Larsen Family Christmas Newsletter.

This year, we have decided to save on postage and will be posting our holiday newsletter here on our blog. We haven't sat down to start writing it out yet, but wanted to let you all know to keep your eyes out for it. It will be a good "year in review" for those of you that we don't get to talk to as often as we'd like! Love you all take care and enjoy your holiday season. Love, Derek, Tara, & Holley

Here is our sweet little holiday duck family. Last year Derek was worried that Holley might destroy them and their cute little outfits, so he pretended that the papa duck bit him. It worked, and Holley stayed away from them the rest of the holidays. At that time, to her, all birds were chickens, so they were the "scary chickens". This year we pulled them out, and she STILL won't go near them. Derek asked Holley to go get something the other night, and she said she didn't want to cause she'd have to walk past the Scary Chickens. I realized that this fear was in place before the neighbors got their chickens and Rooster. Therefore, when the rooster crows in the middle of the night and Holley runs into our room crying about the scary chicken, I won't feel guilty telling Derek he needs to lay with her til the Rooster quiets down. ha ha ha! Her Daddy has scared her for life.

"The stockings were hung by the TV with care . . . . " Just wanted to show off some of our Christmas decorations, cause I LOVE Christmas time, and now it's legal, because Thanksgiving is over! I suggested maybe singing a Christmas song to the primary kids, the week before thanksgiving, (thinking it would be good to review the words of some of the songs, or learn one they don't know.) They sure let me have it, "but it's not even thanksgiving yet!" Here's the real funny part, today I mentioned that they are going to sing a couple songs for the ward Christmas Party and that we needed to start practicing, one kid's reply . . . "Why didn't you tell us about it in October?" hee hee hee hee I love my calling!

OH CHRISTMAS TREE, OH CHRISTMAS TREE! I read some photo taking article in a scrapbook magazine I subscribe too, and it got me playing with the camera and using different flash settings and such! I think it looks pretty cool.

our front porch, all dressed up for Christmas. It doesn't feel to Christmas-y to decorate the outside of your house wearing short sleeves and feeling that its a little too warm! We still sleep with the ceiling fan on most nights, but it is finally starting to cool down a little more. last year at this time it was colder. (I'm sure of this, cause we moved in to the house before our gas was hooked up, and we had a couple of pretty chilly nights!)

Ok Danna these are for you! Danna was wondering why we hadn't taken any pictures of the house since it's been finished, (maybe cause it hasn't been yet, notice we still have a little painting to finish.) But for my dear friend Danna, and in honor of our house's first birthday, (we moved in this week a year ago!) here is a picture of our house wearing christmas lights! Sorry its a little blurry, it's cause I was experimenting with the settings, guess you need a tripod for that setting huh?

Here is our kitchen, not completely clean, but that gives you a better idea of what it usually looks like.

Yes Santa! I've been a VERY GOOD GIRL! Holley is getting VERY excited for Christmas, we told her that she will still have to have her birthday, and go to Utah to see grandma before it will be Christmas. But, she can already tell anyone what she's gonna ask Santa for . . . A kitchen!

Daddy couldn't be prouder! Derek found himself a new little fishing buddy! We got Holley her own little Disney princess fishing pole and she thinks it's the GREATEST! She's actually even gotten pretty good at casting. And Derek thought he'd have to wait til he had a son to go fishing with him.

Holley's eye! It's getting better but looking worse, this was a couple weeks ago, now the scab has fallen off, and we can see pretty much what the scar looks like that she'll be left with! Haven't taken pictures of that yet though so we'll have to post it later.

I don't think that I could sleep like that, but she'll fall asleep in almost any position.

Derek and Holley, always seem to fall asleep on the couch together! Maybe I bore them too much! Either that or I'm so thrilling to be around that it just wears them out! yeah, I think thats it!

Monday, November 07, 2005

OUCH! November 4, 2005

OUCH!!!! Holley's first trip to the ER for a cut she got from dancing too excitedly, losing balance, and falling on the coffee table. Luckily they were able to glue it with the Dermabond so they wouldn't have to actually stitch it. To watch Holley though, you'd think she didn't even realize that she had gotten hurt, and as far as she was concerned, the most important thing that happened was that the nurse gave her a bunch of stickers!

Holley and Friends, Grant, Isaac, Kylee, And Lily at Haloween Carnival!

Holley & Toodles

Parker & Holley

Derek, Tara, & Holley

Mayhue Family Picture, Summer 2005

Grandkid Nativity scene! Holley, Parker, Logan, & Payton!

Holley & Daddy on the 4-wheeler

Parker & Holley Cousin Hug!


Gila Valley Pionner Days Parade 2004

Holley and the Scary Man! Ward Christmas Party 2004

Sleeping Beauty

Holley with Grandma Larsen Fall 2003 (about 9 months old)

Our First Home Construction almost complete! Summer 2004

asleep on her feet

Holley Chillin in the Tub

Tara & Derek at the Mesa Temple

Our Family, Summer 2005

Holley As "Cinderella" Halloween, 2005

Easter 2005

Nap Time

Easter 2005

Holley & Her Daddy, February 2005

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