Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I figured it's probably about time I should post something again. It's been a while due in part to first Trimester morning sickness, and Derek loaning out our camera back in October, and still not having it back, thus no pictures. Anyway, I added the baby countdown ticker a while ago but haven't officially posted an announcement, Sorry! So here's the info... we are expecting, and I'm currently a little over 15 weeks along. The due date is May 17th (Grandma Larsen's Birthday!) It will be interesting to see what day it actually comes, that due date is less than two weeks from Derek's Birthday, Mother's Day, Our Anniversary, and of course UnHui's birthday, so we'll have to see what happens. Most of all we are THRILLED to be past the first trimester, and the heavy fear of another miscarriage. (The Dr had me in every 2 weeks through the first 12 weeks just to keep checking for a heart beat, I think he was as thrilled as we were to get to that 12 week mark.) Anyway, I'll be 20 weeks around Christmas time, so finding out what we are having would be a fun Christmas gift I think. So check back around then to see if we have another announcement to blog.

I started feeling pretty sick just after Brinley's Birthday, back in Septemeber, so while this is late here are some 2nd Birthday pictures. She had a great time, and loved being able to have Grandma Mayhue here to help spoil her and celebrate with her.

Oh Yes, and how could I forget, In the midst of all the morning sickness, we decided to get a dog! I know I know we are crazy, but she is a real sweetie, and the girls love her. We got her from one of Derek's students. She's an Australian Shepherd, and we named her Sadie, so here are some pictures of Sadie.