Friday, May 12, 2006


Here are some pictures of Holley's Baby SISTER!!!!! The ultrasound said that it looks like we are getting another little girl! Holley is Thrilled! We were worried how she'd react if it was a brother, she wanted a sister from day one. Tara was so sure that it was going to be a boy that she would ask Holley "will it be ok if it's a brother instead of a sister?" and Holley would usually flat out say "NO!" Maybe she knew the truth all along. Holley is excited to share her room with her new sister, and yesterday she made a "card" for a friend, and she said it was a picture of her baby sister and the "stickers are the heartbeat" she said. (something I think she picked up from being at the ultrasound. Tara is thrilled too. It'll be so fun to pull all of Holley's cute newborn clothes back out again, and is really glad we'll be able to keep the 3rd bedroom as the toy room. (it sure keeps Holley's room cleaner!) Derek is happy too! He loves the idea of having girls as long as they'll still fish and play basketball with him, which Holley does! I think this little girl might be athletic or a Tom Boy, cause boy can she already kick!! I don't remember feeling Holley this much till at least 7 months! The only time Derek really wishes he had a son is when he goes to Priesthood Sessions! (but hopefully the next will be a boy!!) We are all happy and totally thrilled except for one thing! NO CLUE on names! Derek laughs at the ones Tara likes, Tara thinks the ones he likes are too boring, and Holley won't budge on nameing her either Rhees (after her cousin) or Olivia (after her best friend!) So now were accepting any name suggestions! So let us hear what you think, we need all the help we can get!

if you can't tell, the first picture is the bottom of baby's feet! the second shows the full profile of baby and body, and the third shows the gender and baby's bottom!