Monday, May 03, 2010

overdue update!

So I know another update is overdue, but truth be told, I actually typed up a post a little over a week ago, while working on it My little Daelyn toddled over to me and tried to climb up in my lap. I picked her up, and with one slap of that pudgy little baby hand I love so much, she deleted the whole thing!!! It was probably for the best, the prednisone was making me pretty emotional that day. Then today I spent a few hours on and off typing up a nice long post, thinking all along it was continuosly being saved by blogger, but I must have lost my connection without realizing it, and something happened again that made me lose the whole thing. So if you are wanting all the details, you are just out of luck for now, but I can give you the basics.

I'm posting this from the hospital. The "capsule" from the capsule endoscopy I had done 3 weeks ago, was supposed to pass out of my body on its own, and it didn't. I've got an obstruction in my small bowel and the capsule is stuck there. The situation makes it urgent to do surgery, but my weight loss and, the prednisone I've been taking complicates it a bit. The Prednisone affects my blood sugar they checked me in last night and have me on intravenous 'Nutrition" to balance my fats and sugar, and everything so I'll be more stable going into surgery. So that will be a day or two before the surgery depending on how well my levels end up where they should. The Prednisone also causes problems with how well and how quickly my body will be able to heal after the surgery, so the surgeon told me to plan on being in the hospital about 2 weeks. They are hoping to do the surgery tomorrow. They will actually remove about 10 inches of my small bowel.

Despite this situation being less than ideal I feel SO BLESSED. I have AMAZING Doctors that I really trust. The surgeon is actually in our ward and made a house call to discuss the situation with us when we found out we needed to have surgery. He has done so much to help calm our fears, and help us feel good about the surgery. I have amazing family and friends, so many people offering up help and prayers. I've never felt more loved. Since I'm in the hospital anyway, the surgeon and the Doctors from my primary care are running a bunch of tests and consulting with other Drs to try and figure out what has been causing me all my problems. Even looking into my infertility/repeat miscarriage situation. (One of these Dr's is our stake president, the other is the Dr who has been working so hard to help us through this already. They are both men dear to our family. Really Good men!) Interestingly enough, a couple of the Drs that I'm working with, will be the Dr's attending to President Monson when he is here later this month for the Temple Dedication. I truly feel so blessed, my parents, and parents-in-law both being willing to come down to help. My AMAZING husband, so patient, and loving, and ever picking up all my slack and telling me to take things easy. My Sweet Holley, so Tender-hearted. This has been hardest on her, and she has been so worried about me. She's always there to hug me, or do anything she can to help me feel better. I'm so proud of how brave she's being through all this. Doing all she can to help with her sisters, and trying to stay strong. My Brinley, ever my comedic one. I love how her little 3 year old mind takes the little pieces of what she hears or understands about what's happening around her, and spins it in such a funny way. About a week ago for example she asked me quite matter-of-factly, "Mom, are you still chewing on that camera?" And my sweet baby girl. Daelyn really has been the perfect baby for such a time as this. She is such a content, easy-going, happy, good baby. Since about a couple months old, I could lay her down in her crib and she'd just put herself to sleep. And SHE HUGS!!!! I know many of you won't believe me, because baby's don't hug, but I have witnesses! Others who have experienced those sweet little chubby baby arms wrapping around a shoulder or neck and squeezing. They've said. . . "She hugs!!!! Baby's don't hug but she hugs!!!!" Oh how those sweet baby hugs make everything else worth it all. Can you tell I'm missing my girls. It's been one day but I miss their cuddles. A nice cuddle from anyone of them, is just about the best thing in the world, Oh how I love them.

Well there I go rambling again. and after I promised a short post. I'd better get this posted before I lose it again. Thanks again for all you love and concern. I'll try to keep posting updates on the surgery etc.


Sarah Kay said...

We're cheering for you! GO TARA! Chew that camera! Good luck. Our prayers and thoughts are with ya, girl.

Dax and Steph said...

You are amazing. If I were posting in your situation it would be very negative, and you are so positive! I wish I could do something to help out. I hate being so far away. If there is anything please let me know. We had an awesome lesson on Sunday in Relief Society and we talked about how after we have trials in our life we look back and even though it was hard at the time, we wouldn't change how things happened. So I am hoping out of all of this something positive can come. You are in our prayers! If you need to talk to someone give me a call! We miss you guys!

Emily Harkness said...

Oh, Tara! Good luck with everything! We will be thinking about you. I hope you can get all of this worked out and put behind you. I am glad you have such a wonderful family to keep you going! Your girls are just darling and sweet.

Esther said...

HOLY COW girl! If it's not one thing it's another. Hang in there, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

Jessica said...

I'm so glad that you have doctors that you feel good about. I will be praying that they can be inspired to find everything they need to help you regain health again.

ohmylanta said...

Oh Tara!.... Does the drama never stop for you? Reading about your current struggles makes me realize that my life isn't as complicated as I sometimes think it is. I wish I was there to bring you dinner and help with the kids.

How did the surgery go? I'm assuming you are done with it - but apparently you are still in the hospital. How are you?

I am thinking of you.