Sunday, April 18, 2010


I was just about to post some pictures from December, when I stumbled across some from JULY & august that I just couldn't pass up sharing. These pictures made my heart happy!

These pictures were from our camping trip to Alpine. I put socks on Daelyn's hands to keep them warm during the night, and in the morning, Holley and Brinley wanted their socks on their hands too.

Helpful Big sisters!

Sun Splash!

These two aren't the best quality as far as pictures go, but they are both the kind that make me just ache to be able to rewind time & make my little ones teeny again. The most frustrating thing for me about my health giving me problems when it did, is I feel I didn't get to "soak in" and just enjoy and cherish Daelyn's little baby days as much as I would have liked, or even as much as I was able to with Holley and Brin. There were times that I just wanted to hold her and rock her to sleep, but at times it just hurt too much to have her weight/wiggles and squirms against my stomach if it wasn't necessary. Don't get me wrong though, I was so blessed to have such a GOOD baby at a time like this, because I didn't NEED to rock her to sleep, I could just lay her in the crib and she'd go to sleep on her own, what a blessing, but I would have loved a little more cuddle time.

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